Always smile~!!

Makes people wonder what you're up to...

Fai D. Flourite
Name: Fai D. Flowright.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Character Age: 28.
Occupation: None yet.
Martial Status: Single as of late.
Description: A sleek blond, whose hair is probably more platinum then it is blond. He's long and lanky, extremely light, as you can see, (and probably too pale to be considered healthy), making him graceful and flexible, and he has very emotional blue eyes, which is how he expresses himself most of the time. Through his eyes and his fake smile.
Other: He is blind in his right eye, due to an accident involving Clone!Syaoran, and now where's an eye patch. It's a simple eye patch that he covers the gaping hole with. He is also a vampire who needs to drink Kurogane's blood to survive.